KGC - Gladiators: Depredation v3.1

by Knights of The Golden Circle

HOT FIX: A nasty exploit has been hot-fixed. everything else is good to go.

Enjoy and sorry for those who downloaded who must now download again :(

Updated version from the one previously here on the tain and a heavily modified version for those of you who have jumped through hoops to obtain version 2.0

Changelog/credits/guide included with File

For those who are new players:

Alric has trapped your heroes after the battle at the Coliseum and now seeks to kill you away from the crowds.

Battle his armies in this jungle terrain and survive to defeat him once and for all.

Lead your ten heroes against an army of over 8000.

Recommended amount of players: 4

Max players: 10 ( there are only 10 units) unless you want to wait for your team mates to convert the enemy for extra units.

Major changes include added bosses and more harder enemies to make veterans adapt to new tactics and newcomers to cower in fear