The Great Journey Remastered

by DarthRevan555 of Knights of The Golden …

A re-skinning of the classic map Great Journey (2009)

Brand new colormap courtesy of Souly of The Onyx Warlords.

HD Detail textures created and applied by Revan

Addtional Map Actions for some new gameplay elements.

Numerous old bug fixes courtesy of Capital.

This map takes great inspiration from such classics as The Journey Continues, Chimera maps, Defend The fort and WW2 Omaha Beach levels.

Many changes include:

Less playable units for additional difficulty HD Textures Brand new swamp area New Enemies to face New map events to spice things up. Bug Fixes

Enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and compare to old version to see how far we've come.

Be sure to have Landscape Textures enabled in Myth Settings.