The Great Journey

by DarthRevan555 of Knights of The Golden …

The Great Journey is a level I literally got the idea for while drawing on a napkin when I was bored in class.


The level is an epic adventure, lead a group of regular soldiers against enemy patrols, ambushes and controlled areas.

With several mini epic battles its extremely difficult to beat on any difficulty (well, except for timid).

Everything from world knot travel, to beach assault battles, to infested swamps, graveyards all leading up to the epic 'Defend the fort' finale.

with over 750 map actions

100 minutes minimum on timid. (God knows how long on legendary, I never made it through D:)

Thrall will rise from unmarked graves and souless will patrol the high ground.

Features 'new' (to the myth noobs :D) units, models, and music for solo play.

A must have for coop/solo ers everywhere :D

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