KGC - Gladiators: Depredation

by Knights of The Golden Circle

Remake of Death of A Gladiator (Part 1) Following Apotheosis, Alric has teleported the heroes to an isolated arena for a final showdown.

Lead the same cast from Apotheosis against The hordes of Alric's Imperial Army.

Heroes have improved since Apotheosis including.

-Elf Archer New Special -2 New specials for Paladine.

Ranking up Available for All units.

More Enemies, New Bosses, New Arena.

Random Waves return deciding which hordes will face you.

Rank up and gain new powers, get stronger and beat down on some undead fodder.

Recommended amount of players: 4

Max Players: 10

Enjoy Depredation, and the next chapter in the horrible lives these Heroes have.

Includes credits and strategy guide for helpful tips.