KGC - Gladiators: Apotheosis

by Knights of The Golden Circle



EDIT: THIS IS VERSION 2. Changes: Better finale Level up errors additional enemies some new abilities for units difficulty altering Final boss exploit fixed.

Journey back to the Heroes glory days as Gladiators, the bravest of them challenge the emperor and play his deadly game in order to win their freedom

Survive wave after wave of enemies and confront the emperor himself.

Fight in a Massive Colliseum arena with 5 terrain types with a few dozen peasent specators cheering you on.

Battle old and familiar and not so frequently seen enemies in a massive bloody battle royale.

Rank up your units to achieve better stats, power and strentgh as well as abilities.

Think fast and counter the enemies attack patterns.

Map Highlights:

Random Waves, where MA determine which enemies will spawn for you including some bosses to create a new gameplay each time with dozens of different wave combinations

Rank Up System to allow units to "Rank Up" and get stronger

Challenging Final Boss to keep you running and stressing over how to beat (sometimes :)

Different terrains to choose your stand from

Game Runtime: Approx: 70 Min (Much shorter than average hero based coops, quick and intense gameplay.

750 MA (The Most ever for a Gladiators Map)

Enjoy this Prequel!

And so much more, grab a few pals and get ready for a coop of pure awesome.

Ties in with Underworld and Requiem a bit.

Tons of powers, tons of enemies, tons of fun.

Full Credits and Guide included with download.