Revan - TSG Detail Textures

by DarthRevan555 of Knights of The Golden …

Yet another pack to bring more visual glory to popular maps

A coop player Must have and if you're a ffa/2t player, you should pick it up as well because it covers a few of those big maps :P

Enjoy playing popular titles like The Seventh God, Bushido and Onyx maps such as Phantom Hounds Call of Glory in stunning 24-bit/32-bit.. whatever glory!

Simply drag into plugins folder and go to preferences and play under OpenGL or DirectX 10/11 and put a √ mark on enable landscape textures (or f11 ingame) and you'll be so mesmerized by the detail, you'll completely forget that theres a ghol chewing on your dwarf.

Special thanks to Myth Community for the encouragement and support and Fury IX for the valuable input.

Love it? Hate it? let me know by leaving review on Tain.

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