by vinylrake

Original Release Date: 2002

"300k? How can anything good be less than 300k?"!

The Quad screenshot

Description: The Quad is a compact 4-start net map, great for short games.

Designed for small unit sets in close combat, the four starting locations are just out of visual sight of each other so there is no hiding on this map.

The Quad is set in an underground cavern with a walkway around the exterior. The walkway is connected to a walled-in central square which is accessible by four narrow stone bridges.

The units on this map are the original basic Myth units; warriors, archers, dwarves and journeymen. The lack of more exotic or diverse units tends to reward well played units more then it does a unit-trading guru - though there is enough flexibility in the unit trading to allow for some creative strategies.

There are two versions of this map, The basic vanilla flavored Quad, and the chocolate crunchy dwarf flavor, the latter for those of us who just can't seem to get enough of short people with bad attitudes hurling explosives. This 'dorf' version has nothing but dorfs and journeymen. Fortunately sanity prevailed before I worked up a Giant Fighting Grounds variant...


Since this is my first map, and I was learning (at least in theory and incredibly slowly on most days) as I went, I tried to keep this map simple in the hopes that I would actually finish this someday. So, there are no new or custom units, no whiz-bang animated models, an almost shocking lack of scenery, no scripting, no water (ok so there WAS no water, but I went back and added some because what I originally envisioned as a "black void" looked stupid when things like bottles and explosions landed on it, so now it is a black shiny oily liquid instead). So - that's what is missing, but what IS in the map you might ask? Just lots of fighting and death.I hope you enjoy the map, thanks for trying it out.


The textures in this map are in large part "borrowed" (and modified) from the Soulblighter solo levels "The Baron" and "The Iblis Crown".

Cydonian's mapmaking tutorial was of invaluable help in creating this map but he should not be held responsible in any way for any of the failings of this map or for the existence of the map itself.

Also, HealwithSteel's mapmaking guide explained how to fix all the problems I was stuck on regarding media maps(water).

Unfortunately at the time I created this map I had not yet discovered SOMA's mapmaker's food, or Clem's colormap walkthrough.

Thanks to members of Clan Ramone (including Zertigo, Lady Gholdiva, Lone Dorf, and Soul Rot) for assisting in beta testing this map. Thanks also to Blambi (of Myth Village) for helpful feedback suggestions about visual cues vis-a-viz terrain passability. The map is better for the input of these individuals.

Fine Print:

This map was created in part with "Fear" and "Loathing" which along with "Myth" and "Soulblighter" are copyright Bungie Software, and parts of this map may fall under Bungie's copyright as well so pass over me attorneys of death and cast not your gaze upon me as I have recited the sacred words.

More Fine Print:

If you have a FREE website and want to host a copy of this map you may, as long as the accompanying documentation er... accompanies the map. If you are an individual and want to burn a copy of this map onto a CD for a friend or a few friends for free go for it. If you are charging your "friends" for the CD, or for your time making the CD, or you are an individual or an organization and are selling a Myth map compilation CD, then you need to get my permission to distribute it. Your inability to contact me does NOT mean I gave you my permission. When in doubt, ask.

Contact Info

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