A VRy Drunken Slugfest

by vinylrake of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

A VRy Drunken Slugfest is a unit replacement tagset that converts all standard Bungie netgame units to other Bungie units that Drunken wanted players to use in his "Drunken Slugfest" tournament.

This isn't a traditional slugfest tagset, so if that's what you are looking for don't look here.

What's different? Unlike a traditional slugfest unit mix, in this tagset, melee units are not converted to Thrall.

Also, there some units in this tagset which you might not expect to see in a game of slugfest - including:

  • Maul replace mohir and mykridia, and also show up as themselves.

  • Trow replace Myrkridian Giants.

  • Dwarves now replace shades, the summoner, archers and fetch

-Peasants replace wolves

  • BreUnor replace Dwarven Mortars, Dwarven Heroes, and Dwarven Pathfinders


Unit set designed by Drunken(1)

Fearless Unit tag modifications by vinylrake