The Myth II Handbook

by vinylrake


The Myth II Handbook is a 1999-era treasure trove of Myth 2 goodness which is chock full of strategies, solo level walkthroughs, unit guides, Fear and Loathing mapmaking guides, and a whole lot more Myth goodness, including some behind-the-scenes interviews/info.

The Myth II Handbook was written by J.Charles Holt

(aka Deathwhore), a member of Voracious Rabbits and creator of one of Myth II's legendary early maps, "VR Pool Party".

Download the Myth II Handbook at

The digital edition of The Myth II Handbook has been 'optimized' for display on several kinds of devices.

The 'monitor_tablet' version is the best version for desktop monitors, laptops and hi-resolution tablets like the iPad/Surface/Kindle Fire/Nook HD/Galaxy Tab/etc. The other versions are smaller in size but have lower resolutions and lower quality visuals as you go further down the list.

  • Myth2Handbook (PC/Mac monitors & tablets) 61.0 MB (best color)
  • Myth2Handbook (iPhone) 26.1 MB (good color)
  • Myth2Handbook (Nook Color) 24.4 MB (color)
  • Myth2Handbook (Android phones) 17.4 MB (color)
  • Myth2Handbook Kindle (pre-fire) 15.4 MB (greyscale)
  • Myth2Handbook (Sony eReader) 15.0 MB (black and white)

Download the Myth II Handbook at

Download the CD of 3rd party maps and mapmaking resources at The Tain .

(CD was included with the print version of the Myth II Handbook )

The Myth II handbook was scanned by vinylrake (with some professional help) and is shared with the Myth community with the generous permission of it's author, J.Charles Holt.

An online searchable web version of The Myth II Handbook is also available @ the myth graveyard.