Aztechno Dance Party

by vinylrake

Aztechno Dance Party

Original Release Date: probably 2002-2003.

AzTechno Dance Party is a medium-sized hand-crafted desert net map with lots of elevation and structures to toss explosives off of. There are several ancient ruins in this rocky desert valley including a really large pyramid in the center - all of which provide great platforms for demonstrating to one's opponents the importance of seizing the higher ground.

Aztecho Dance Party picture

The greater the difficulty level you choose to play on this map, the more units you will get. The number of units a team has on Legendary difficulty is around double what you get on Timid.

There are 4 versions of this map.

Aztechno Dance Party

4 start map, each team starts at one of the mini pyramids located in each corner (Flag Rally with mini Rocket Dorfs is a fun game on this map)

AzTechno Slam Dance

2 start map with large equal teams located on opposite sides of the central pyramid.

Aztechno Tango

2 start map with very unequal teams. A smaller team of heroes starts at the top of the map, a much larger team of regular units starts at the base of the pyramid.

Aztechno Tango Flip

2 team map with the same teams as Tango, but the locations are switched - the smaller hero team starts on the ground and the larger regular unit team starts at the top of the pyramid.

Playability Notes

After playing this map a number of times, I've come to the conclusion that design of this map makes for some rather unbalanced gameplay due to the extreme elevation advantage any team holding the central pyramid has. LMotH, KotH and StB suffer the most due to the netgame object's starting location at the top of the pyramid. Due to the elevation advantage and the limited access to the pyramid apex, these game types usually are fairly frustrating for the team that starts on the desert floor.

Personally I recommend trying either the 4 team version (AzTechno Dance Party) or trying something other than LMotH, KotH or STB if you are playing on one of the 2 team meshes.

Contact Info

You can find this map and other maps I have made and lots of other Myth related info & links at me with questions, cash or bugs at