The Quad, Too!

by vinylrake

Original Release Date: 08/01/2001

The Quad, Too! is a fairly compact 4-start net map, great for short games. A remake of my first map, "The Quad", this map has all new graphics, improved gameplay, and a significantly larger playing field, but is still designed for small squad battles in close confines.

The Quad, Too!

The setting for this map is an underground cavern with a walkway around the exterior. The walkway is connected to a walled-in central square which is accessible by four stone bridges.

The relatively small number of units on these maps tends to reward well played and well managed units more then it does a unit-trading guru - though there is plenty of flexibility in the unit trading to allow for some creative and unconventional strategies.

There are now three versions of this map, The 'basic vanilla' flavored Quad, the 'We could be heroes' version (no I didn't name it that), and lastly, the Quad 'variety pack' which contains an assortment of the kinds of troops you hope your daughter doesn't bring home to dinner.

Game Types

  • Body Count
  • Last Man on the Hill
  • Flag Rally
  • Capture the Flag
  • Territories
  • King of the Hill

Ball games were intentionally omitted because during testing the ball invariably (by accident or by intent) ended up in places where it could not be tagged.


This is not the same map as "The Quad", this is a (hopefully) new & improved remake. If you are one of the few people who tried The Quad this will be a familiar looking map with slightly larger overall dimensions, slightly wider walkways, slightly increased maneuverability, a new and significantly (thought I was going to say "slightly" again didn't you?) improved color map, a more extreme terrain map - walls are higher, pits are deeper - and a couple of new map variants.

I hope you enjoy this map, thanks for trying it out.


The textures in this map are in large part "borrowed" (and modified) from the Soulblighter solo levels "The Baron" and "The Iblis Crown".

Cydonian's mapmaking tutorial was of invaluable help in creating this map but he should not be held responsible in any way for any of the failings of this map or for the existence of the map itself. Also, HealwithSteel's mapmaking guide explained how to fix all the problems I was stuck on regarding media maps(water). Unfortunately at the time I created this map I had (still) not yet discovered SOMA's mapmaker's food, or Clem's colormap walkthrough.

Thanks to members of Clan Ramone (including Zertigo, Lady Gholdiva, Lone Dorf and SoulSplat for assisting in beta testing this map.

Fine Print:

This map was created in part with "Fear" and "Loathing" which along with "Myth" and "Soulblighter" are copyright Bungie Software, and parts of this map may fall under Bungie's copyright as well so pass over me ye attorneys of death and cast not your gaze upon me as I have recited the sacred words.

More Fine Print:

This plug-in may be used and distributed freely as long as the accompanying documentation is included. Share it with your friends, but don't charge them for it. Don't include it as part of any commercial distribution or any collection of shareware or other product where money is exchanged. Translation: It's rude to take other people's things without their permission. Play nice. Don't make me come over there. You know I will.

Contact Info

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