The Fortress of Doom II

by Soulblaster

Once more, a master battle between the light and dark takes place in an awesome fortress with TSG scenery, featuring some haxo units and many hidden secrets. With an imaginative script based originally on Ghost's map, Requiem of the Dead, you will certainly enjoy the game play as well as its features.

Thanks for those who helped me testing the plugin, since first version: Godzfire, Zoso, Retch, Fury, DC's, Storm Bringer, Spa, Timmah Jr, Powerup, Idles, and many others I am very thankful.

My special thanks to all tagmakers for their hard and awesome work realized on the tags I've used in this plug. The gathering of these tags is the result of an intensive research. I've spent many hours elaborating and editing this plug, just with the goal of adding more fun to the myth community. These tags are, to me, what I consider to be the best selection among many others out there.