Armageddon - The Final Battle

by Soulblaster

In a land of despair and delusions, where fear reigns and monsters and demons walk free under the command of Shai'tan, the Demon Lord, an Universal Force was summoned to fight what was called "The Last Battle". For many centuries, the saying followed as Warriors, Wizards and the most skilled beings from all universe were called together with the important mission to defeat the malign entity of destruction and chaos. The time is back! You must answer the summons and join the Universal Units with skills in this desperate attempt to avoid the escape of the Demon Lord from the temple of Bedlam, and his ill desire to conquer and destroy the whole universe!

After 8 years I decided to put some more work on this plugin with the hope of finishing it. I think I got what I was looking for, or at least pretty close.

I hope you all enjoy it!