Armageddon The Final Battle II [beta]

by Soulblaster

Latest update: 4/18/24 - Fixed Mons limits issue. - Added a new dark team unit, Hellhound. - Adjusted the time for the first portal to disappear quicker after the first level is cleared out. - Tuned a few more settings and fixed some small bugs. - Added special bows, axes, and spears to the tutorial. . In a land of despair and delusions, where fear reigns and monsters and demons walk free under the command of Diablo, the Demon Lord, a Universal Force was summoned to fight what was called "The Last Battle". For many centuries, the call has echoed as warriors, wizards, powerful Robots, and the most skilled beings from all universes were gathered with the crucial mission to defeat the malignant entity of destruction and chaos. The time has come again! You must heed the summons and join the Universal Units with your skills in this desperate attempt to prevent the escape of the Demon Lord from the temple of Bedlam, and his malevolent desire to conquer and destroy the entire universes! . Note: Since the plugin is in the beta stage, please check this page regularly for updates in case the game becomes inaccessible online. . alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text .