Chess Wars [beta]

by Soulblaster

Chess Wars & Ninja Golf was made based on Elijah's plugin Myth Chess, which inspired me to work on this. I decided to improve the graphics, effects, and script of the original plugin, bringing a more up to date version of a chess conversion to the Myth engine. Also, the implementation of a mini-game called Ninja Golf. The game was made for 2 players only. This is a different type of plugin from the conventional coop and FFA maps, mixing both styles in a fun interactive scenery. The chess match can be activated by taunting with monks by the tiny chess board that is part of the scenery, and the mini-game needs to be unlocked via finding the right artifacts and taunting inside the teleport fields on top of castle towers. You can also collect precious gems, gold coins, and valuable artifacts to accumulate riches, just for fun. I hope you enjoy a nice evening in the castle with friendly faces or bitter foes, whoever party is your favorite ;P

Have fun!