The Betrayer's Wrath Final

by Soulblaster

A small village has been terrorized by the hordes of Rehab, the Betrayer. Doom is close, but word travels fast to the ears of Midael, the Prince of Lands. Without delay, a group of honored heroes is assembled to rescue the people and their Baron, who already has been taken as prisoner, alongside with the local defenders. The prince and his allies must fight their way through platoons of orcs, goblins, giants, and other malevolent creatures to rescue the good people from the evil that assaults the province, and to restore peace. Artifacts, special powers, magic weapons, and mighty strategy will be necessary for the battle against the traps laid by the enemy in the treacherous and perilous way that lay ahead of our heroes.

One more project comes to light after so many years since I wrote the first lines (who could have imagined). The Betrayer's Wrath is a fun mix of slow and fast-paced gameplay, easy going, and flexible game play segments to choose from. The map involves a lot of luring and retreating strategy, routing plans, unit skills management and teamwork. Many will think the map is unbalanced and too difficult, but I am sure there are ways to beat it. Some extra stuff like artifacts, and a few other surprises can help players to achieve victory, or who knows, to find their doom! I hope you like it, enjoy!

3rd party tags used here: (note that some of these tags were modified only for the purpose of making this plugin, and they might not be in their original form. Please refer to my website bag of tags ( or my folder, under user uploads, at, to find information about the original ones from their respective authors).

Thanks to all the creators in this list for creating and producing the tags used in this plugin:

*MESH: Fosgarach (Chimera) - Bungie

*UNITS: Farmer - Creation Games / Cavalry - Willian Wallet / Priest - Vista / Osaran Bowman - Discordia / Midael - Discordia / St. Joan's Guard - Orleans / Grune - Idiot MMC / Fetch Priestess - Slay / Orcan Marauder - Creation Games / Ghol Anarchist - KvlTV (Karl) / Rehab (The Betrayer) - Discordia / Osaran Fighter - Discordia / Oni - Creation Games / Chuckler - Slay / Swineherd - Bungie (Baak) / Orc Axe - Tarous Zars / Orc Archer - Taurus Zars / Banded Wasp - Bungie (Badlands) / Axe Hero - Souly / Boneman - Bungie (Badlands) / Goblin Soldier - Creation Games / Gorlan’s Apprentice - Creation Games / Wrath – Khellek / Skeleton (Warrior/Archer/Basic) – Discordia / Minion - Creation Games

*ARTIFACTS: Shadowveil (Book) - Creation Games / 007 Amulet Base - Creation Games / 13 Magic Weapon (Axe) - Creation Games / Bow of Incandescence - Bungie/Project Magma

*Tools used for the creation of TBW: Fear, Loathing, Topaz, Chaos, UnTag.51, and photoshop.

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