Taliesin Downs

by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

Taliesin Downs is a murky corner of the Dire Marsh, where the skeletons of a forgotten civilization struggle against the moss and mud.

The Solo:

Designed by Malek. A great add on to this map. Includes some great scripting, including enemy dwarves that repair a world knot. You play the dark units, in battle to control world knots. I think this is Malek's best work, very fun, and not easy to win. You solo gurus have a challange in this one. Starring Connal Cernach, everybody's favorite bowman mercenary from Tratior of Darkness.


This map was orginally designed for two team mulitplayer. The three multiplayer meshes are as follows:

Air Power- Dwarven Airships, Dwarvern Heros, Zerks, Wights, Myrks, ghôls, Bowmen, Heron Gaurd

Light- Dwarves, Styngian Knights, ghôls, Wights, Thrall, Warriors, Heron Gaurds, Bowmen

Dark- Brigands, Banded Wasps (Chimera), Myrks, Souless, Journey Men, Fetch Priestess, Mortar Dorfs, Golem (Havre River).

New Units:

Dwavern Air Ship: High flying, exploding barreling machine.

Fetch Priestess: omg she is hot mb.