TFL Grave Deluxe

by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

Ah good 'ole Dance on Your Grave, considered by many to be one of the greatest Myth netmaps of all time. It defined what a "Light" mesh was, and led the way for

Gimble in the Wabe, and such great 3rd party maps as Tallow Abbey and To Kill a Mockingbird. Sure, Myth 2 has Fall on Your Grave, but it just isnt the same, am I right?

How many of us can remember the first time they got the middle starting location in a game of grave lmoth?

"Oh crap!!" Or the first time they got carpet bombed on Spiderweb? "WTF?" Ah memorys...

Well anyway, you can have that kinda fun again!

I know I know, there have been ports of Grave before, but they were of substandard quality, and just didnt capture the TFL feel. Well cry no more tfl-philes, this port has it all!

The physics, sounds, collections, even the interface from TFL has all been ported. We could just leave it at that, but we wanted to go a step further. My good friend and map-mate Giant has given the Grave colormap a face lift, updating the water, shadows, etc. with new textures, giving it a more realistic look. All in all, I don't think you'll be dissapointed:)

Ok so heres a rundown of the features.

-Retouched colormap.

-Accurate TFL physics, including the blood, thrall deaths, arrows, and dwarf bottles. Can you say "Carpetbombing" anyone? :)

-Ported flavor text for all units.

-Ported collections for fir'Bolg and Dwarf.

-Ported sounds, including netgame sounds, wight hit sounds, da works.

-Ported interface(much cooler then the M2 interface in my opinion).

-A new third mesh, "I'll Dance on Your Molotov". Dwarf riot baybee, yeah!

All that and a bag o' chips, in a tiny 3.9 meg package.