In the Crypt of Arianna

by Korgath of Idiot Map Making Collective

The Myth:

From the depths of time, waits a darkness yet untouched.
From the mire of darkness, lurks a shadow yet unroused.
From the dormant realms of chaos, rests the haunting evil.
From the age of chaos, this evil was banished to the crypt.
Within the Crypt of Arianna, death stirs in the shadows.
Eternity will never yield.

From the dawn of time, good and evil have struggled.
From the opening of the abyss, the evil awakens.
From the evil's rise, the righteous were born.
From the steel of the virtuous, the evil was banished.
Within the Crypt of Arianna, that evil prowls once more.
Light will never fade.

-Excerpt from the lost Scrolls of Havre

The Enlightenment:

Four hundred thousand years ago, before the ages of chaos, and before the ages of man, the Shadow reigned supreme.

In the times forgotten since, that evil has receded to a slumber, and has let its lesser minions squabble for bits of power left behind by the Source of Darkness. Arianna is one such minion, and in her struggle for power, she has imprisoned herself in a sarcophagus of magic.

Unable to escape for being too powerful, and unwilling to become less powerful in order to escape, she hunts those who stumble into her den with assurance that they need not be sought out. They will all find her eventually. Inevitably.

-Mark of the Heron, Volume VII

Plug-in info:

This Map-based plug-in provides 7 meshes, 6 multiplayer, 1 solo (all multiplayer meshes are 4 team FFA style), 5 new unit collections, with special effects all over the place.

Since this map is a Korgathian design, it is particularly bizarre to behold, and particularly unfortunate to be a h00r on.

There are no Myrkridian giants here, nor soldiers, but there happens to be a vengeful third party that prevents camping on lmoth or place-holding on KotH... it even manages to make hunting costly for legendary players.

More can be found about the details of the plugin within the "Read Me" file enclosed.