by Demosthenes of Idiot Map Making …

Deep in the barren wastes of the Untamed Lands, sits peacefulSunburn Valley. Home to cacti, birds of prey, and little else,a man here can die of thirst in half a day. Those are the luckyones.

Features include: - Two ported units, the Myrmidon, and the Slaugh(hooded thrall). - Asymetrical flags, making for some refreshing strategic gameplay. - KotH has three hills surrounding the main hill, which has somevery intresting results in big four team games. - Two meshes, dark and light. Don't mistake them for your normalgimbal/trow unit sets tho, there are some intresting combinations. - The Dark mesh has difficulty specific battlefield weaponry.On heroic and legendary difficulties, you'll find pus packetsand unexploded dwarven ordinances, just asking to be picked upby your ghôls. - A small download, which is a feature in itself, at least for slow modems like mine :)

Thanks to: - Giant, for a BUNCH of Loathing and Photoshop help, and goodthings like making my overhead not s00k. - Soma, for his very helpful Mapmaker's Food texture collection,several of which were used on this map. - Various members of ~Idiot~ and TMBM, for beta testing.