TFL Pathfinder Delux

by Demosthenes of Idiot Map Making …

Remember Balin the Pathfinder? Remember those awsome airstrike bottles that sent 50 satchel charges raining down on your victims? Remember the stocky little TFL Dwarves that we all know and love?

Well they're back baybee! All the old stuff you loved. The irratic behavior of the old bottles, the sweet flavor texts of yore, its all here! And wait, theres an added bonus that you never got before, a new taunt sequence! Now when you taunt, your little Dwarves will start juggling bottles! This is an animation that was included in the TFL tags, but was never used, until now!

The best part about this is that now you can have a dorf riot on all of your old maps!

Just agree before hand that everyone will max out the Dwarves, and then leave all your other units behind. My personal fav is Untamed Koth with 4 ppl. It Rocks!

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Check the Readme for more info and stuff.