Forge of Tharsis

by malek of Idiot Map Making Collective

This is my first stab at mapmaking and I made sure that it was to the quality level of some other plugs I've seen. The units are non modified for the player but what you face is a horde of new units and modified ones.


After Soulblighter's demise, the remnant armies of the dark ran into this forge. The Trow decide its time they took out the intruders of their famous forge.

Oddly enough we, the reserve, didn't follow them for we needed the rest. Moments after the Trow rushed in, a lone Trow walked out and fell dead at our feet. We then rush to save our allies, but upon entering the forge most of our warriors and heron guard fell ill just setting foot into this place.

Even odder than that was when we get into the forges main chamber to see a group of fetch and numerous Stygian knights walk up to us and precede to ally with us as if to say they fear us less than whatever "it" is in that forge.