by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

Digging around in Amber one day I found a cool little pregame for a map titled "Gothic". Of course the pregame was the only thing that was there. I immediately wanted to play it.

When I mentioned it to Demosthenes, he said, "That looks just like Cryptic Wightings!" We downloaded Cryptic, which only had about 140 downloads, and no known author. We can only assume that Bungie had to cut the map, unknowingly leaving the pregame on the CD, and somebody released the map later on.

We played it and loved it. It had a really spectacular color map, with different unit combinations then bungie is normaly known for. "Peace on the Ramparts" had just been renovated by Creation, so we thought we would follow in that tradition and spruce up Gothic. The water was plain ugly, so its been totally redone. Models were even found buried under the mesh. So we got to work, making new meshes (we left the two originals), new overheads, new lighting, new particle systems, new pregames, new scenery, new local projectiles, new sounds...

So in the end it turned out quite well. Wish we could say we made it, but we just gave it new life.

Heres a list of the meshes:

Classic Light- Good ol' fashioned light units, similar to Untamed or Grave. This mesh has 6 starts.

Classic Dark- This one is really fun, with a very intresting mix of units. You can get Mauls, Dwarf Heros, Soulless, Spiders, Wights, Ghasts, and Warlocks with the confusion spell. I know it sounds wierd, but for some crazy reason it just works. Give it a try! This mesh has 6 starts.

Light Teams- The first of our new meshes, this one is classic light units and then some. The unit selection resembles Gimble, but with quite a few more units to use. In addition to these normal units, you also get a new one, the Slaugh! The Slaugh uses the unimplimented alternate thrall sprites, also known as thrall elite or lich. The Slaugh is your basic 1 point cannon fodder, that moves faster then a thrall but has less life. This mesh has 2 starts.

Dark Teams- Heres a different sort of mesh for those adventurous types. Unit selection includes Myrks, Herons, Mauls, Ghasts, Soulless, Bre'unor, Spiders, Warlocks(sorry, these are netgame ones), and Forrest Giants! Don't worry, these are the wonderfully done Mormith Forest Giant, not the old jerky 2-frame ones.

Dorf Riot- What's an Idiot map without a tfl dorf riot? This is probably one of our best, because of the varied and intresting terrain. Watch out for the rain that can sneak up on ya once and a while, and make sure you try out Koth with six players, great fun:)

We hope you enjoy this map as much as we have!

Special thanks to our order "Even Idiots Can Win" for testing, especially Inferno, our ultimate beta tester, who: "omg I r0x j00 at g0thik drak mb"