Power of Ten Plugin Pack

by A-Red of The Onyx Warlords

History has taught us that, rather than being a hindrance, contests that require a specific themed limitation on their entries often benefit all sorts of creativity, inevitably resulting in a crop of excellent and fun submissions. The challenge of this contest was to create a great map using a limited number of unit types, the maximum being, naturally, ten. And now you can get all four of the contest submissions, all in one place!

The submissions are:

  • Dorf'Unor Drug Task Force, by Khadrelt
  • The Seventh Dwarf, by Ozone and Zeph
  • Thirteen Autumns, by Fury
  • The Untold Story, by Gugusm and Fish

Congratulations to the winner, Khadrelt! And thanks to everyone who submitted for making the Myth community four maps richer.

Judges: A-Red Graydon Horus Pyro

Thanks to everyone involved in the contest!