Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory

by A-Red of The Onyx Warlords

Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory follows an elite special-ops team called The Phantom Hounds serving in Maeldun’s legion during The Great War. The long-neglected force has been set on guard duty in a series of remote outposts where their talents are going to waste. But sinister things are afoot…

Play cat-and-mouse with the Dark for control of a pair of fortresses in Nowhere. Blast your way through The Tormentor’s Wight factory in Bloat. Stand fast against the back-breaking three-pronged assault of The Watcher’s army in Plague on the Toven. Experience The Great War from a new perspective…

Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory requires Myth II 1.6 to play. 1.5 (maybe even 1.4) would probably suffice, but has not been tested.

A big thanks to Modest, Rohan, and Teepens for the use of their maps.

1.1 FIXES: Fixed the bug in Toven, so that one-ford mode can now end in victory--sorry about that one, folks. The terrain on Bloat has been cleaned up a bit, giving better passability to the player and keeping the Wights from getting stuck.

Update 7/19/08: Added the readme back in--apparently it wasn't included in the 1.1 download.