TFL Gameplay Analysis

by A-Red of The Onyx Warlords

This document is a level-by-level gameplay analysis of Myth: The Fallen Lords,written as I played through the TFL campaign in an effort to refine my mapmaking style by recognizing what it was that made the levels in that game so great. Some of this stuff may be readily apparent to those who play the game, but it has helped me to go through the campaign systematically and write everything down--to have it all in one place, in order, and to be able to refer back to it at will. I originally intended to study both games' campaigns in detail, but only got through the first, which is ok for me because I believe TFL demonstrates a much better idea of what to aim for when making maps; I've referenced Myth II a fair bit, but only by way of comparison. I wrote this for myself, but others might be able to benefit from it, so I'm posting it on The Tain. If you would like to redistribute it, please feel free to do so.