Grave Tidings T.E

by A-Red of The Onyx Warlords

Set during the Great War, Grave Tidings pits your small force of determined men of the Legion against a seemingly endless horde of the Dark. Hold the hill and protect the messenger, for he carries news that could decide the fate of the West and shape the course of the war. Your enemies know the stakes, and howl for your blood. Rank upon rank of shambling corpses, carnivorous beasts, and cursed spirits are already making their way toward your position. Will you snatch victory from their ravenous clutches, or fall beneath their staggering weight?

My goal for Grave Tidings was to create a level that was epic in scale, but kept the traditional style of Myth gameplay that I love. It features a modest (by today’s standards, at least) 1200 enemies, but provides a harrowing challenge nonetheless as you will not be able to rely on superhuman units. Grave is full of explosive carnage and hectic clashes, and includes a number of special features including voice acting, inventory switching, magic bows, easter eggs, a bonus level, a warrior captain whose special ability drains health from an enemy and transfers it to himself, and more! I’ve had fun with this level and I hope you will too, whether you are a fan of epic endurance coops or more traditional Myth.