The Ephor of Myrgard

by Iron of Smiths of Muirthemne

This plugin contains two solo levels.

The first, The Ephor of Myrgard, enacts the fall of the famous dwarven city. You control the dark forces as they seek to penetrate the last remaining defensive bastion and kill the ruler, the elusive Ephor. Dwarves occupy strong positions on the heights along with their fir'Bolg allies, and the narrow valleys threaten to unleash deadly ambushes. Charging dwarves will dodge soulless javelins as they close in for the kill. Hero fir'Bolg will fire volleys of arrows into your midst while your lines are sprayed with shrapnel from specially equipped mortar dwarves. Pathfinders sneak up unseen while paratroopers attack from above. And all the while a steady rain of cannon fire falls around you...

The second level is a fun solo/co-op using Myth II's Grave colourmap. The Journal has been stolen and your small band of light troops must survive randomised attacks from all sides before finding it and saving the Myth story from oblivion.

  • IronDuke: colourmap, ported TFL units, scripting, fear, new sounds and retextured models.
  • BadThrall: TFL physics, and most of the TFL interface.
  • Cydonian: Tags to implement destructible scenery.
  • Santa's Head: fire collection from WW2 plugin.
  • Thoran: Poplar tree scenery.

All third-party tags were used with the kind permission of their authors - thankyou!Thanks to GHOST for providing the inspiration for the AI that makes units jink, duck and weave when under missile attack. Thanks to David Wellington for the idea (and name) of the arqubusier, although I developed my own implementation.Other trees used were from Chimera, by Bungie and Badlands. The pregame artwork is also Bungie's.


Many thanks to Miggins, Discordia, Guric, True Peril and Darth Maul. A good beta tester is worth his weight in gold, and I was lucky enough to have five of them :-)