Siege of Belmont [RE]

by MAIK of Lone Wolf Creations

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Plugin: [+] 5 levels

  • Siege of Belmont
  • Freezing on the Road
  • Birka
  • Kupel of Life
  • Destruction (Commander)

[+] Interface (1024x768)

[+] RU Localization

What's New in [RE] - version?

  • Fixed bugs with the "wrong" scripts.
  • Added textures for: walls, huts, gates, etc.
  • Added texture pack. (Warning! Texture Pack conflicts with DR Myth Texture Pack and Magma - Detail Texture Megapack. Remove these textures packs from the plugins folder, for normal operation.)
  • The interface has a resolution of 1024x768.
  • Fixed pregames, postgames.
  • Added multiplayer levels for regular SoB - units.
  • Added cutscenes.
  • Fixed the texts and voice votes.
  • Visual effects: clouds, algae, birds.