The Dark Age: FanBook

by MAIK of Lone Wolf Creations

The Dark Age, a fan fiction book, belong the Myth Series PC-games by Bungie© and Mumbo Jumbo©.

Author: Milo “etamnanki”; ©2004 – etamnanki Art: Leflair, PrimordialSeven, Frostbitedude, Samureye I am, Mrsondaba; Formalization: MAIK ©2018

This story is a fan fiction and it is meant just for entertainment. No profit is to be made of this and all of the names, places and times of 'Myth' belong to Bungie, Mumbo Jumbo and/or it's affiliates.


Prologue - 4

Fangs of Rage - 7

Soaked Earth - 15

Lightning Strikes - 19

And Thunder Crashes - 26

Mountain’s Fury - 35

The Ascent - 39

Flight to the Heavens - 44

Mad Goat of the Fens - 50

Hope You like it guys. MAIK