Might & Magic - Myth

by MAIK of Lone Wolf Creations

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OmniPatch_#1 Siege of Rionpoint * Removed a large number of enemies throughout the map; * Added a chest with a book of healing at the beginning of the level (now there are at level = 2); Nailed Snow * Added animation for healing potions to make it clear that they can be picked up; New Allies * Fix ATTA for Zombies 5/5; * Fix ATTA for Medusa 2/2; Global * Swordsman and Crusader speed increased from 0.033 to 0.037 * Troglodyte speed reduced from 0.047 to 0.033 * Air Elemental speed reduced from 0.047 to 0.035 * M&M 7 Sorcerer lightball damage increased from 3500 to 4500 by 4199 to 4500

Return to Antagarich in search of an adventure in a Might & Magic universe you've never seen before. A completely new look at all the beloved "Heroes" and RPG "Might and Magic" in the genre of "real time strategy". The player will have 4 difficult levels of a single player campaign, in which the player will be able to play as: Knights of Erathia, Monsters of Nigon, Sorcerers of Bracada and Necromancers of Deia.


  • from 3-4 hours of gameplay + online co-op game in the "Story" mode or battles against each other on 3 new maps, including 2 not included in the final version of the game Myth II: Soulblighter;
  • more than 10 new spells and artifacts;
  • 23 units from the M&M universe;
  • Great soundtrack by Paul Romero and Rob King;
  • atmospheric special effects and surroundings.

Warning! Might & Magic - DTEX conflicts with Magma - Detail Texture Megapack. Please, remove megapack from your plugins folder before running the game!

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Siege of Rionpoint

This level will present artifacts for all types of units, under the control of the player. The player will control for the most part a sabotage squad, rather than a large army. The level itself is an "adventure", i.e. e. The player travels through the game level and can find both new enemies and new tasks.


Amidst the War

The player's goal will be: to cross the mountain river and get to the southeast road to leave the battlefield. However, on the way, he will meet the troops of the magicians of Brakada and the necromancers of Deia, who will fight not only with the player, but also with each other. The level itself is an "adventure". The player must cross the mountain river with minimal losses, since the enemy has very strong troops, for example, the Titans, who throw lightning. You can also find riddles that will be rewarded for solving.


New Allies

The player's goal will be: to organize a defense on the volcanic island and repel all attacks by the forces of the Necromancers Deia and the monsters of Nigon. Be careful as lava flows can erupt, causing magma to explode and spreading fire over very large areas. The level itself represents "defense", i.e. e. The player must defend in his chosen position. The Erathian knights are not the best warriors, since under the control of the AI it will suffer very large losses of personnel.


Beryl the Unbreakable

The player's goal will be: to help the allied troops storm the eastern gate and head to the key point in the graveyard to complete the task. The level itself is an "assault", i.e. e. The player will be provided with a strike group, which must aggressively capture the city. Be careful and you can find spells and items for your warriors that will help you in completing this level.


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  • Mikhail Miroshnik: graphics, sound, animation, scripting, modeling, text;
  • Ilya Musatov: history;
  • Vladimir Musatov: text part, narrator's voice (Russian);
  • James Osborn: text part, narrator's voice (English);
  • Sofia Komar: editing of videos and cutscenes;
  • Vladimir Dudkin: model of the Death Knight (head of Might & Magic 8.5: Echo of Destructions);
  • Owen Lee: voice in dialogues, translation and correction of texts;
  • Phillip Gauthier: translation and proofreading of texts (English);
  • Chris Arthur: detailed textures, architecture in Vegas;
  • Dmitry Kamyshanov and Alexander Titaev: Beta testing.