Myth 3 Godmode

by GodzFire


M3 Godmode is a simple plugin that makes all your units invincible. You can use it however you want; to explore maps, to see how the difficulty level effects the number of enemies on a map, test new strategies, whatever.

There are two known issues: - On 'Fall Of The Crown', I had to remove the Heron Guards that come to protect the Emperor, since they use the same health object as light units and would never die. This way Moagim actually kills The Emperor and you can play the map. - On 'The Traitor', the final map where you kill Mjarin, you won't be able to kill any of the light units since they use the same health object as your units. You CAN however kill Mjarin, so run over there and smack 'em around!

~ GodzFire

M3 Godmode was made using Ballistic, Copyright 2010. Many elements included are the property of Bungie Software and (unfortunately), Take 2 Interactive. All rights reserved to their respective owners.