Dream Of Death v1

by GodzFire

Dream Of Death Logo

“Why Mazzarin could not divine his own future with clarity will forever be unknown, but perhaps he glimpsed the torment and shadows that awaited, for he began to gather a band of champions, gifting them with artifacts magical and of strange technologies not yet devised. He warned them soon the day of their greatest battle would be at hand, when they would face legions for which death had no hold.”

Dream Of Death is a small glimpse into some of those “torment and shadows” that await Mazzarin in his recurring nightmares. Join him now as he wrestles this night with his subconscious demons in an attempt to once again defeat The Watcher.

This map is actually based on Requiem Of The Dead, created by GHOST and ProjectMagma. The original creator of DoD, Gleep, decided to take it another direction and create this plugin. Think of it as a shorter version of Mazzarin’s Demise, with a new unique flavor to it. When Gleep was unable to complete DoD, I (GodzFire) stepped in to polish it off and add some additional features myself. This completed plugin is the result.

Dream Of Death uses 'Detail Textures' and utilizes other features found exclusively on Myth 2 version 1.7.2 and newer, so that version is required for this map.