Reversal Reborn v1

by GodzFire

Reversal Reborn


A long, long time ago, a plugin called Reversal 1.5 was made by Stephen Gazzard aka rabid_wombat. It was a unit tagset for Myth 2 which switched the Light and Dark units around, and let you play as the bad guys. This author created some interesting ideas like Fetch Mortars and replacing the Bre-Unor with Poachers (try The Ermine!). However, it was incomplete; the unit balance was off, some levels didn't play out properly, among other things. So here was this noble attempt at a tagset, that had potential, but needed some TLC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enter Reversal Reborn! RR is not simply a finished version of Reversal 1.5, but a complete makeover. In addition to playing as the Dark, RR boasts the following improvements:

  • Updated M2 story: In this reality of M2, Soulblighter is attempting to defeat Alric and his Legion. Shiver is resurrected in order to even the odds against the King and The Deceiver, who has become a traitor to the Fallen Lords
  • Balanced unit gameplay: All units were compared to their counterpart on the other 'side' and had their health, speed, and attack damage adjusted to properly match
  • New unit types: Take control of Myrkridian Guards, Ghol Priests, and Maul Pack Leaders
  • Enhanced unit interaction: Your army now features new vocal responses to your various orders and attacks on the battlefield
  • Updated gameplay info: The level objectives and hints have been adjusted to better fit your Dark army
  • Multi-Plugin compatibility: This tagset will also work with any other maps that use only the default M2 units

(Note 1: In order to keep this as a unit tagset, I was unable to alter any map meshes. What this means is you will see stuff like Warriors hiding in lakes and Bowmen perched up high cliffs. This was unavoidable. The same goes for the vocal bits you hear. I have however, adjusted the text you see when a unit talks to properly match what's happening with your Dark campaign.)

Enjoy, and hopefully I'll see you online! ~ GodzFire