Myth III: The Wolf Age Interface

by GodzFire

Love it or hate it, Myth III, The Wolf Age was a distinct change in the series in many aspects. One of those areas was it's unique new User Interface.

Going beyond the normal 'swap and replace graphics' that other UIs have done, The Wolf Age interface tries to 'convert and adapt' as much of the normal layout as possible within M2's code limitations, to what you'd see if you were actually playing Myth III:

• 100% conversion from Myth 2 to Myth 3; not a single UI window has been left unchanged

• Faithful recreation of the Main Menu, complete with music

• Altered layouts of all the major sections: New Game, Play Online, Load Game, Films, and Options

• Custom visuals matching Myth 3's style when an equivalent isn't present (eg: Get Plugin and Select Interface windows)

• Ingame Status and Control bars compatible for monitor resolutions of 640x pixels all the way to 2048x

• Authentic Myth 3 announcer for Single player and Netgames

• Complete visual look also for Online play on Marius.Net

To install, simply drop the 'Myth III The Wolf Age Interface' file into your plugins folder, then activate it via the Interfaces button within Myth II's preferences.

Special thanks go to the following people who all helped me in one way or another: Death's Avatar, Gizmo, Graydon, Jon God, Melekor (Oak), Myrd (Dialog Editor), Ozone, and Pyro

PS: Keep an eye out for the potential release (Soon™) of a full Myth III: The Wolf Age game port to Myth II from DarthRevan, which this interface is part of!