Mazzarin's Demise II

by Project Magma

After scores of enjoyable games of the original Mazzarin's Demise, we decided to try to perfect it. Version 2 includes almost 100 improvements, tweaks and surprises, most notable of which is you can now play with up to eight players. You'll have to defeat several hundred more enemies who swarm at you at a more hectic pace; however, your own forces are now more powerful. Overall, the map is only slightly harder than the original, but we think it's much, much more fun and action-packed. Get the plugin before you're left out and stuck all alone in the lobby.

Congrats to Head, McChazo, HadieZ, Boy, Ducky, Rabiez and Kalamadea for being the first team to beat Mazzarin's Demise v.2 on Legendary. You can watch this team's amazing skill and tactics by downloading the film here (to be added soon).