Updated Metaserver Source Code

by Myrd of Project Magma

The updated MythServer source code is based on the MythDevServer code released by MythDev in the autumn of 2003, which in itself was based on original bungie.net Myth II metaserver code released by Bungie Studios. Both of those releases are still available for historical purposes.

MythServer builds using GCC/G++ (or equivalent) compilers on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and CYGWIN under Windows, and supports Myth TFL, Myth II, and Myth III. Detailed instructions on how to setup, build, and run the server are available in the HowTo.txt file included in the archive.

The changes from the mythdevserver release in the latest Myth Server revision include Mac OS X support, FreeBSD support, code cleanup and bug fixes, additional room .command support, greatly improved documentation, a new MULTI_ROOM mode for the room server, MD5-based authentication, and better support for non-Myth clients.