by hmp

Cloudspineless is Clash/Cracks in the Cloudspine less the forts and mid hill.

Meshes: Cracks, Light, Clash, PMP Remix, and Confusion.

v1.2 fixed terrain issues v1.3 fixed some unit bugs/rebalancing, added jmen heroes to light


Rebalanced Confusion Warlocks: 12 pts, less range on confusion attack, standard range on fireball, visual indicators for confusion attack, delayed/dodgeable confusion, lower confusion length, confusion length based on mana (50% base mana to use attack, any remaining mana will go towards confusion duration - confusion with 55% mana will only have 5% of standard confusion duration, confusion with 100 mana will have 50% duration.)

Brigand Veterans: Faster than warrior, slightly stronger attack, lower health

Bre: 3 pts, no "dud" attacks, lower health, standard ranged targeting behavior

Requires "The Green Divide v1" for units

Detail textures modified from Jon God/Project Magma's Detail Texture Megapack