Under Muirthemne

by hmp

Under Muirthemne v1.4 1.42 update: fix imbalanced wights on light mesh

1.41 update: fixed game ends early bug, new/modified units/sets

1.31 update - fixed camera issue on 1.8.2. redid unit sets on all but light mesh. new detail textures included. Ambiance/visual effects/flavor changes

1.2 update -script changes, raised camera height, fixed fr flags, changed unit sets

old version can still be found here:


Created by HMP This is a map I started a few years ago](http://url.com/) and never got around to finishing. I decided to finish up the normal multiplayer aspects and release it, even though I never finished the other part. The main difference from the beta version is that it is more suitable for competetive play. I didn't remove all of the extra stuff because i didn't feel like removing some stuff, but you can no longer get any unfair advantage from that stuff, only a disadvantage. If you still get killed it's your own fault. Notes: -Five 2-team meshes and one FFA mesh -"Special" units are on heroic and legendary (usually heroic adds one or two nonstandard units like confusion locks or wraiths and legendary adds a lich to each team). -If I remember correctly the reason for the beta version being removed from some tournament was that mahir attacked the team when they tried to get a magical bow. As long as you don't go to any areas that have the "Keep out" sign (from Scourage Of Belial) -Heavily scripted with lots of easter eggs and shit -In this version I changed a few things so that it is more obvious which parts of the map are for normal competitive playing, and which parts have the other stuff. (hint: read the warning signs on the map) -As an alternative to fighting against eachother, if you are curious or bored, is to try and make your way through the area off the overhead map. There are tons of scripted ambient enemies and an almost impossible final boss. (He is probably only beatable with multiple teams allying) -Most of the stuff from the awesome lich unit was done by Jagman. There are also units and other tags from mazz and scourage of belial, as well as the illithid unit made by zeph. The only parts I made was the map itself, the scripting, and modifications to units/effects. -Thanks especially to gabba, GenX, and Dac for testing all my maps in general, even though I'm not sure they all played this one. Also thanks to Lanc for his shadow mapping tutorial on the magma forums, which helped make this map look much better.