The Green Divide

by hmp

The Green Divide

This map takes "The Great Divide" by Badlands and heavily modifies or replaces the layout, terrain, colormap, scenery, detail textures, and units. The result will be a familiar layout, but should play quite differently due to being more open and having much lower cliffs.

Six meshes: Light, Light-Alt, Dark, Trow, FG, Shadow

v1.1 fixed some unit bugs/rebalance


Rebalanced Confusion Warlocks: 12 pts, less range on confusion attack, standard range on fireball, visual indicators for confusion attack, delayed/dodgeable confusion, lower confusion length, confusion length based on mana (50% base mana to use attack, any remaining mana will go towards confusion duration - confusion with 55% mana will only have 5% of standard confusion duration, confusion with 100 mana will have 50% duration.)

Brigand Veterans: Faster than warrior, slightly stronger attack, lower health

Bre: 3 pts, no "dud" attacks, lower health, standard ranged targeting behavior, better throwing ballistics

Spider Queens: No charging ability, paralysis attack

Thell Heroes: Better attack/health

Zerk Heroes: Better attack/health

Pathfinders: Don't dud, range between regular dwarves and heroes, faster speed, more health

Journeyman Heroes: Better attack/health, 9 roots

Assassin Statues: more resistance to physical attacks

Scenery/Units by Badlands, Creation, Vista, Gizmo HB, and Deathwhore.