Scourge of Belial

by GHOST® of Project Magma

"Countless millennia ago, in a time when the mystic arts permeated the land, an evil presence casts it's ominous shadow over the domain of man.

The name bestowed upon this dark, loathsome, and evil entity was Belial . . ."

You part in this epic battle is to be the Scourge of Belial, as you and your small band of heroes attempt to hunt down and destroy this powerful evil being once and for all.

Inside Belials dark sanctuary you will confront numerous enemies, traps, and objectives which must be overcome and/or completed before you can move on to your final confrontation with Belial.

Scourge features a beautiful colormap by Phish, Discordias new Lich Unit, and a script that totally randomizes the mix of enemy groups, enemy actions, and the triggering of events.

Along with these are atmospheric special effects such as localized rain, realistic trees, and creepy sound FX that will help immerse you completely in the battle that lies ahead as you attempt to defeat Belials minions and eventually Belial himself.

Also included in Scourge is a small Auto-Distribute script, that will, when activated by the captain, automatically divide up and hand out the units when 2 to 8 players are present in game. A perfect option for those lazy captains when playing Scourge cOOp.

Secrets await the investigative player, some nasty, some helpful, some desperately needed to help you in your quest. Will you be able to locate the useful ones and avoid the nasty ones ??

Heroic and Legendary are best enjoyed when cOOped, providing a lengthy challenge that will push teamwork to its limits. Testing in cOOp has resulted in games lasting upwards of 2 hours just to end up being another victim of Belial.

Scourge of Belial takes advantage of many of the new 1.4 map making enhancements. Most of which remain unseen by you the player, but allowed me the mapmaker much more freedom, variety and, creativity when making this map, thus providing you with a more challenging and in depth gaming experience.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Die Well.

Scourge of Belial Screenshot 1 Scourge of Belial Screenshot 2 Scourge of Belial Screenshot 3 Scourge of Belial Screenshot 4