Wabe in the Gimble


This is a single player death-match variant of Gimble in the Wabe, allowing you to choose 1 of 4 start positions and have the enemy fight you for control of the flag.


Overall: Enjoy yourself and have fun!Primary: Win either by attrition or control of the flag at games end.

Need to Knows
  1. To choose a start location.

    1. Move the Warrior towards any of the 4 Towers.
    2. When a tower lights up have the warrior 'TaunT'.
    3. Prepare for 10 Minutes of Carnage.
  2. Dorf molotov's are a bit more spongy. Meaning they dont always explode immediately on contact. IE; They are more like M:TFL Dorf molotov's.

  3. On Timid Difficulty, Players Units are controlled by the AI. However, you can still have a measure of control over your units, OR you can just sit back and enjoy the carnage as it unfolds.
  4. On Timid, Simple, and Normal Difficulties, Enemy Units have no ammunition.
  5. On Simple Difficulty, the MAX amount of Enemy Units respawned at a time will be reduced by up to 1/3.
  6. On Heroic Difficulty, Enemy Units will have between 0 and 2 ammunitions. Decided Randomly each time a new enemy unit Respawns. Player Units will get 8 Pus Packets near their chosen start location.
  7. On Legendary Difficulty, Enemy Units will have 2 ammunitions each. Player Units will get 16 Pus Packets near their chosen start location.
  1. If you need help, or are just lazy, set the difficulty to Timid to have the AI help you. You will still have partial control, but the AI will do most the work for you.
  2. Being first to gain control of the flag can usually assure a solid foothold from which to defend.
  3. Try having your ghols carry some satchels into battle and follow up with a volley of flame arrows or pus packets.
  4. Dont forget to bring up Respawned units.
  5. Mass casualties may produce extra units during Respawning. This works for your enemy as well.
  6. Trying to attack the enemies Respawn point could have interesting consequences??
Thanks to:

Haravikk for the idea / concept / testing and for asking me that scripting question that entailed I investigate for myself and which led to the creation of Wabe in the Gimble.Salutations & Good Luck.