Wild West: "Boot Hill"

by Beer Can

Note: This plugin requires the Wild West tagset.


Whee-Doggah! Just in time for Halloween 2003! Here we have a bunch of rootin'-tootin' Cowboy fellers havin' themselves one "hell" of a time in a bat-infested Boot Hill boneyard!

This-here spooky, grave-covered map features a bare hill ringed by water and lots of green grass. Long forgotten and overgrown, this place will test the best of ya.

More'n'likely, you'll be six feet under at the end of it.

This sweet little plug-in was created by the fabulous Omac, and converted to "Wild West!" by ol' :: Beer Can ::

Of course, Omac deserves the Lion's Share of the credit...


"Boot Hill Five Start" supports (almost) all game types, and is one HELL of a lot of fun.

"Gunslingers" is a five-start game (created by :: Beer Can ::), supports BC, LMOTH, CTF, Assassin, and Bacon. You begin dead-centre with a single Ringer. If you survive this initial encounter, good for you. If not, you have a backup team in your respective corner, consisting of an Outlaw Boss, a Doctor, two Wolves, and a couple Bandits.


The "Caballo" or "Horse" unit was created by Carlinho (Carlitos), with several modifications by ol' :: Beer Can ::

The Horse is used as the Assassin target in the game of the same type.

Happy hunting.