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The Wild West tagset, a conversion tagset for Myth II: Soulblighter like no other (well, except for The Wild West itself!).


After the release of one of the most popular plugins, we have decided to make a tagset version of this wonderful creation.

This tagset will let map makers from around the world, enjoy and have fun in creating wonderous creations to use with western characters and effects. This packaged unit tagset will insure that maps made for it will be much smaller to download! Cutting out 10 megs from a map file download is incredible, eh?

Note to Potential Creators: you should read the ReadMe file enclosed before making any maps to use this, please!


  • All new units.
  • New ambient life.
  • Professional new sounds.
  • Destroyable stuff.
  • New weapons and effects from them.
  • New and altered destructable scenery!
  • Also various town building textures to build your own western looking towns!


The Wild West Website has more information, images, and movies to check out! So head on over pardner!

This tagset is based off the The Wild West v2 solid state plugin tags. Do NOT use this tagset with the original Wild West v2 plugin file! It does not need it. This tagset is for use with any 3rd party map creations to use the Wild West units and tags.

The Original Wild West v2 plugin contains its own maps and solo level for you to play.