wAvA-OZoneRedux-1.8.4 [beta]

by ARMY Munitions Factory

--------MYTH II 20th anniversary---

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Credits, WWII:units and items by Santa’s Head , MAPS By OZONE detail textures by Jon God. wAvA units and map updates by PoinT.

Ozone's Maps are a staple of the WWII myth community and have provided hours of fun and distraction since their releases…Many thanks to OZ for all his efforts. These maps are altered for use with wAvA Warfare tagset… The original Ozone WWII versions can be found @ http://tain.totalcodex.net/authors/show/222

Requires wAvA-Warfare tagset and myth II full or Demo version updated to 1.8.4 or newer to play. alt text alt text


This ain't your papa's myth so ease into the units… Warfare soldiers are in most maps

Maps: Ozone Redux solo campaign (8 levels) 0Z Multiplayer Redux utilizes wAvA units and their abilities

Settings: usually best with motion interpolation off if it causes and graphic bugs. for wAvA units best to use control bar inventory from preferences.

Remember its a conversion that didn't get much testing so there is bound to be room for improvement. Have fun and keep up the fight. ------Point -ARMY

Look for other Warfare maps at the tain.totalcodex.net

 Warfare units were mainly tested in CoOp campaigns so multiplayer testers would be appreciated remember this isn't supposed to be recon or oldschool wwii units,  enjoy them for what they are…post any feedback on the magma map making forums at Tain.totalcodex.net   under wAvA threads


Copyright 1999 Bungie Software Products Corporation. Take2 International Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Project Magma's Oak.