Under Myrkridian Standards

by Soma of Creation

"Under Myrkdridian Standards Lite" (UMS for short) is a group effort for the Mill's Mapmaking Contest Produced by: Soma, Kuba and Bubba. We're proud to present for what we've worked so hard for a long time. This is the "lite" version and consists of four high quality levels, that cover a period of thousand years of the worlds history in the time before Soulblighter. Beginning with the defeat of Moagim, the Leveller and ending with the defeat of the Myrkridia by Connacht and their final imprisonment in the Tain which you will see in the "deluxe" version of Under Myrkridian Standards.

Under Myrkridian Standards features:

  • All new narrations
  • New pregame arts
  • New ingame sounds and dialogues
  • Outstanding new maps
  • Challenging new levels

So, what are you waiting for? Put the UMSv1.0 plugin into your Myth II plugin folder, select "New Game" and the first level "Dawn Of The Wind Age" should appear in the list.