Behind the Library

by Soma of Creation

Behind the Library is a symmetrical city netmap taking place in Covenant, with fountains, buildings, statues, pillars, streets, and a raised central square. With 2, 4, and 8-team versions of Light and Dark maps supporting all game types, it is very versatile.

Also featured in the download is a scripted solo map from Ares with unique and desperate gameplay, with a great "Coming of the Dark"-style story and Soma's artwork complimenting it.

Creation's recent releases have been huge downloads, so we thought that the feeble of modem might appreciate this under-3-meg download.

Solo Level "Escape from Covenant"

'I fingered the hilt of my sword nervously, growing ever more certain of the hopelessness of our situation. It hadn't rained in seventeen days. The wells were poisoned - a hermit seeking refuge from the outside claimed to have seen at leasta dozen wights being herded into the Tiber several miles upstream. The armies of the Dark surrounded the city formiles in every direction. With each passing moment, the fate of Covenant grew dimmer...'

The level has new pregame and postgame artwork and comes up with a short story on what happened so far. Sounds like fun, eh? Play to read the full story.

The story may seem reminiscent of the Coming of the Dark levels oh so long ago. It is based on events from the Great War.

BtL Contains 6 Various Meshes
(all Game Types are available)

Behind the Library (Light) - 4 Starting Positions

Behind the Library (2Teams) - 2 Starting Positions

Behind the Library (8Teams) - 8 Starting Positions

Stairs of Covenant (Dark) - 4 Starting Positions

Stairs of Covenant (2Teams) - 2 Starting Positions

Stairs of Covenant (8Teams) - 8 Starting Positions