Ultimate DooM

by Souly

This is a map about the world of Doom...Marines, undead and demons.

Play as a Marine and kill your way out of this demonic domain.

All new units, all new guns...all new everything!!! Lots of fun!!!

Be sure to use Detail texture as this really compliments this map turning the floor into flesh and guts or bones and skulls.

There is also an interface included that you can select in your Myth preferences "Doom Interface 800x600" yes it is an expanded interface.

I am planning on making 2 multi player maps at some point for this depending on the demand for it.

Go kill some demons now and have fun!!!

-Map and units by Souly and Revan- Plugin supports up to 8 Players, enjoy!


Revan Fury Toecutter Zoso Limp Ryders Some dummy account dude. Graydon

Thanks for your input and bug hunting power.