Remembrance of Immortals [beta]

by Souly

Long ago when man was simple emerging from their caves. When the trow empire lusted for their precious iron enslaving their lesser brethren The Oghre and race of horned beasts

There were a race of god like beings whose magic granted them powers beyond all other from being able to muster city destroying spell to raising the dead.

But like all greats they fell..

The Trow empire expands and marches at the gates of the Callieachs last stronghold..

These are the final days

Stop the trow thieves and put an end to their power play.

5 Campaign levels best suited for Co-op

Epic spells at your command

Slingshot shooters that can pull out thunder blades on a whim

Elite pathfinder warriors

Ice mages that have no equal.

New enemies and bosses to defeat leading up to an epic climax that will see the last stand to end all last stands.


Please notify me of any bugs or suggestions so that I may bring you the best possible experience for this plugin years in the making.

At last.

R + L = J it is known.


1) i doubt you won it on Legendary 2) I have no idea what your talking about as all animations are smooth and Soulless are not overpowered VS a Sling shot that can toss bombs and use a very op thunder claw.

3)Unit names? only 1 unit and that's the alligator yes.

4) Again no idea what your talking about, you don't need 4 players , you simple need to disable the FG's ( stone ) them and find the FG elder...