Trow Killer Deluxe

by The Hit Man

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Trow Killers Deluxe is a series of Co-Op Myth II: Soulblighter maps that introduces a horde of new units for both light & dark. If you are a fan of Mazz, this will be much the same with mutli-levels so vets can advance. As you win each map, you also gain extra units going into the next level(map) with vets on.

Trow Killers Deluxe is the sequel to Trow Killers Inc.

Where bigger is better. The light must fight it's most valiant battle yet as Trow are now the lesser of great evil. Everything from Medusa, to Dragons, to Storm Titans to Mountain Size Titans come after you and your crew as you face impossible odds to destroy the Elemental masters of the titanic monsters that plague mankind.

PLUS Multi-player Reg Myth Elim pick from 8 different regular Myth II units that are jacked up to be a one man force as you play elim up to 12 players, adaptive 2 team or s2. Basically it's AVA but using regular Myth II units and weapons. Each unit can stab, shoot a regular weapon and has 2 unique specials for each of 8 character types.